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Burma news feed added to website

Posted by cleo | October 10, 2010

You can now catch up with all Burma related news stories by checking the news feed on the right of this page.

Four new software applications are now available

Posted by cleo | October 8, 2010

There are two printable gap-fill generators, which can be used with activities 4.7 and 11.8 in our Two Truths, One Lie classroom activity book. Click here to go to the software, or here to go to the activity books page.

Also available are two maths puzzles. In Open the Safe, students have to ‘open a safe’ by pressing four ‘buttons’. The total number of the four button presses must be exactly 100. In Pyramid, students complete the numbers on the face of a pyramid. Every two bricks add up to the exact number of the brick above them. Click here to go to the software, or here to go the maths page, where you can also find our new maths course.

Learning with the Irrawaddy 47 is out

Posted by cleo | October 8, 2010

September’s Learning with the Irrawaddy looks at issues facing Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, where local people have set up anti-Rohingya groups. Refugees are living in ‘slum’ refugee camps and face poverty, malnutrition and violence.

Grammar structures covered are present perfect tense and passive voice; there are vocabulary and role-play activities, and there is practice summarizing texts. This month the reading and activities are suitable for intermediate level and higher. Click here to go to the Learning with the Irrawaddy downloads page.