English Language Learning

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A. General English Series

These modules are designed for adult and Post-10 students studying English language at the elementary and pre-intermediate level. They follow a standard structural syllabus, with purpose-designed functional, skills and learning awareness syllabi. Each module takes between 15-25 classroom hours, depending on use of extension activities.

Teacher’s Guides contain tests and supplementary materials. The audio material is available on CD and can be downloaded here.  If you wish to receive a CD copy please contact us at info@curriculumproject.org.

General/Think English Elementary Modules 1-12

General/Think English Elementary Modules 1-6 (2015 edition)

Units 1-6 Student’s Book (8.1mb)
Units 1-6 Teacher’s Guide (9.4mb)


Unit 1 part one (8.2mb)
Unit 2 part one (5.2mb)
Unit 2 part two (6.1mb)
Unit 3 part one (6.1mb)
Unit 3 part two (6.8mb)
Unit 4 (7.5mb)
Unit 5 part one (8.1mb)
Unit 5 part two (7.5mb)
Unit 6 part one (5.3mb)
Unit 6 part two (7mb)

General/Think English Elementary Modules 7-12 (2012 edition)

Units 7-12 Student’s Book (9.4mb)
Units 7-12 Teacher’s Book (2.2mb)


Unit 7 part one (6.4mb)
Unit 7 part two (5.8mb)
Unit 7 part three (7.6mb)
Unit 8 part one (4.7mb)
Unit 8 part two (3.6mb)
Unit 9 part one (5.5mb)
Unit 9 part two (6.8mb)
Unit 10 (5.7mb)
Unit 11 (6.9mb)
Unit 12 part one (7.8mb)
Unit 12 part two (8.2mb)

General English Pre-Intermediate Modules 1 – 12 (2009 Edition)

General English Pre-Intermediate Modules 1-4
Modules 1-4 Student’s Book (4.4mb)
Modules 1-4 Teacher’s Guide (2.1mb)

Module 1 Audio part one (5mb)
Module 1 Audio part two (4.6mb)
Module 2 Audio (5.4mb)
Module 3 Audio (6.4mb)
Module 4 Audio (6.4mb)

General English Pre-Intermediate Modules 5-8
Modules 5-8 Student’s Book (5.6mb)
Modules 5-8 Teacher’s Guide (2.2mb)

Module 5 Audio part one (6mb)
Module 5 Audio part two (6mb)
Module 6 Audio (8.4mb)
Module 7 Audio part one (5mb)
Module 7 Audio part two (5mb)
Module 8 Audio part one (8mb)
Module 8 Audio part two (6mb)

General English Pre-Intermediate Modules 9-12
Modules 9-12 Student’s Book (6.1mb)
Modules 9-12 Teacher’s Guide (1.4mb)

Module 9 Audio (12mb)
Module 10 Audio(9mb)
Module 11 Audio part one (6mb)
Module 11 Audio part two (10mb)
Module 12 Audio (8mb)

Additional materials for General English course books

Some new resources that you can use for teaching and learning English is added from the below link. This  resource guide can go with any level of English in the Curriculum Project General English Series. There are two parts to this guide.
Part 1 – Useful Websites
Part 2 – Links for Grammar Topics

General English Resource Guide (299kb)

Self-Starter Elementary English

This book is a self-study resource for adult learners in Myanmar who are eager to improve their English on their own or are unable to join a formal language course. It includes self study plans, activities and exercises, tests and revisions, and practice package.

Self-Starter Elementary English (for Myanmar Language speakers), January 2016 (3.7mb)
Self-Starter Elementary English (for Karen language speakers), June 2016 (3.2mb)

Self-Starter Unit 1 Audio (2.1mb)
Self-Starter Unit 2 Audio (2.8mb)
Self-Starter Unit 3 Audio (3mb)
Self-Starter Unit 4 Audio (3.2mb)
Self-Starter Unit 5 Audio (2.9mb)
Self-Starter Unit 6 Audio (2.7mb)

Extra! Self-Starter Practice Package from the British Council (Audioscript and Audio)

B. Reading and Writing Series

Reading and Writing Module 1: Journals and Book Reviews

This module introduces extensive reading (book reviews) and writing (journals). It takes approximately 12 classroom hours.

Student’s Book  – Second Edition (1.3mb)
Teacher’s Guide – Second Edition (0.4mb)

Reading and Writing Module 2: Describing Pictures and People

This module will take approximately 20 hours of class time. It covers language and skills useful when students are describing people and situations. It also introduces self- editing using a correction code.

Student’s Book (3.5mb)
Teacher’s Guide (0.3mb)

Reading and Writing Module 3: Narrating Past Events

This module focuses on the skills and structures needed to write about past events. It focuses on writing biographies, and includes biographical information about Mahadevi Yanwghwe, Chao Tzang Yanwghwe, Naw Louisa Benson and Thakin Kodaw Hmaing. It also introduces the skill of summarizing.

Student’s Book (1.3mb)
Teacher’s Guide (0.5mb)

Persuasion: An Intermediate Level Reading and Writing Module

Student’s Book (7.0mb)
Teacher’s Guide (2.4mb)

C. Reading and Comprehension Modules

Skyjack!: A Reading and Listening Module

Skyjack is an exciting story following events surrounding a hijacking of a plane. Written in pre-intermediate English with an accompanying audio CD and audio cassette, students can read and listen, and then do the accompanying comprehension and extension exercises.

Student’s Book (0.7mb)
Teacher’s Guide (0.5mb)

Chapters 01, 02, 03 (2.0mb)
Chapters 04, 05, 06 (3.6mb)
Chapters 07, 08, 09 (3.6mb)
Chapters 10, 11, 12 (3.1mb)
Chapters 13, 14, 15 (2.2mb)

Romeo and Juliet: A Play and Film Study Guide

Romeo and Juliet Study Guide looks at William Shakepeare’s famous play about doomed young lovers from rival families. The guide contains a simplified English version of the play and the 1996 film. There are comprehension and extension activities to accompany the play and film, and suggestions for classes who want to perform the play. This guide is suitable for students with a pre-intermediate or higher level of English.

Student’s Book (1.6mb)
Teacher’s Book (0.4mb)

Animal Farm: A Study Guide

This module is a classroom guide to Animal farm, a short novel by the famous English author George Orwell, who lived in Myanmar between 1922 and 1926.

The guide uses various methods to explore the world of Animal Farm and the issues it highlights, including comprehension questions, group discussions, debates and writing exercises. It is based around the original, unmodified form of the book, so students will need at least upper-intermediate English.

Student’s Book – Aug 2012 (14mb)
Teacher’s Book – Aug 2012 (5mb)

Who Killed Chea Vichea?

Who Killed Chea Vichea? is an award-winning documentary about the murder of a Cambodian labour rights activist. After he was shot in 2004, two men were quickly arrested and sentenced to twenty years in prison. The film follows filmmaker Bradley Cox’s five-year investigation to find out how and why Vichea was really killed.
This booklet – in both English and Myanmar – has been produced to support teachers who wish to use the documentary with their students. It includes discussion topics, questions and background information on several issues dealt with in the film. The English in the booklet is around intermediate level, but a full Myanmar translation is provided.
The movie is available directly from The Curriculum Project, with both English and Myanmar subtitles.

Who Killed Chea Vichea?(11.3mb)

D. Movie Guides

Bend It Like Beckham (0.7mb)
Catch a Fire (0.8mb)
Gandhi (0.9mb)
Grave of the Fireflies (0.8mb)
Hotel Rwanda (0.5mb)
The Killing Fields (0.5mb)
Mulan (0.5mb)
The Pianist (0.7mb)
Rabbit-Proof Fence (1.5mb)
Whale Rider (0.6mb)

A general knowledge board game for Burmese learners of English. It contains over 600 questions on a wide range of subjects. The link contains everything needed to play the game, including the board, questions and cut-outs for making dice.