Social Studies

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Introduction to Social Studies

An introduction to the basic ideas behind the study of development, politics, economics, geography and history, written for first year Post-10 students. This module is written at a pre-intermediate level of English.

Student’s Book (English version) – Third Edition (20.8mb)
Teacher’s Guide (English version) – Third Edition (3.2mb)
Student’s Book (English version) – Second Edition (11.4mb)
Teacher’s Guide (English version) – Second Edition (2.7mb)
Student’s Book (Burmese version) – Second Edition (4mb)
Teacher’s Guide (Burmese version) – Second Edition (0.4mb)

South East Asian Studies

This module follows on from Introduction to Social Studies, with a more explicit regional focus. Learners study early cultures, the influence of India and China, European expansion, colonialism and independence, and looks at some of the problems faced by newly independent nations.

Student’s Book – Dec 2009 (5.9mb)
Teacher’s Guide – Dec 2009 (1.5mb)

Additional materials for South East Asia Studies course book

The link below contains ASEAN websites for information on the motto, flag, emblem, and anthem; ASEAN community by 2015 short videos; ASEAN Cultures, etc., that can be used with South East Asia Studies book.

South East Asia Resource Guide (165kb)

Environment Issues

This module takes about 30 classroom hours, and focuses on local, regional and global environmental topics. It takes a problem-solving approach, and examines local solutions to environmental problems.

Student’s Book – Dec 2009 (1.6mb)
Teacher’s Guide – Dec 2009 (0.4mb)

History of Burma from a Multi-ethnic Perspective

This module looks at Burma’s past from pre-history to the current situation. It takes a reflective approach; presenting historical events from a number of viewpoints and directing learners to evaluate sources, compare experiences and formulate their own conclusions.

Student’s Book (English version) – Aug 2008 (4.9mb)
Student’s Book (Burmese version) (1.0mb)
Teacher’s Guide (English version) – Aug 2008 (0.7mb)

Systems of Democracy

A critical introduction to world political ideologies. This module analyses the advantages and disadvantages of different systems in theory and practice, with case studies from around the world. It is written in intermediate-level English.

Student’s Book (3.7mb)
Teacher’s Guide (1.0mb)

Economics: An Introduction

This module is designed to equip learners with basic economic literacy. It covers introductory economic theory as well as more complex themes such as economic systems and globalization. It places a strong emphasis on analytical thinking, asking learners to apply new knowledge to their own situations and communities.

Student’s Book (5.7mb)
Teacher’s Guide (1.2mb)


This module was written over a period of several years by both men and women. It provides a perspective of gender roles at work, in religion, politics, education and family, and includes a chapter on gender-based violence. Throughout the module students are encouraged to think about the roles of men and women within their own communities.

Student’s Book (2.5mb)
Teacher’s Guide (1.0mb)

International Conflict and Crisis

This comprehensive, higher level module was written in 2004 – an update is planned. It looks at the contemporary international political situation – the War on Terror, the situation in the Middle East, and background material on the Cold War. It requires a lot of independent reading by students, and is most suitable for more advanced learners with intermediate level English.

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Community Development

This module is in Burmese language, and looks at ways to analyse a community and determine what its needs are.
Community Profile & Need Assessment Student’s Book_Burmese (1.3mb)
Community Profile & Need Assessment Teacher’s Guide_Burmese (0.2mb)

Community Project Management

This module is designed for learners with no prior experience in community projects but can also serve as a practical guide for current community development workers. It provides an introduction to the main concepts and techniques of community development. Learners will acquire the skills to successfully develop and manage community projects. It is written at an intermediate level.

Project Management Student’s Book (15.4mb)
Project Management Teacher’s Guide (12.2mb)