Professional Skills

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An Introduction to Teaching Skills

This course provides a general introduction to teaching skills for teachers, or people who plan to be effective teachers.

It explores different aspects of the teaching and learning process and different strategies and methods to support student learning. There is also additional reading and research for confident trainees and for use in longer courses, and a reference section summarising teaching and learning methods.

The skills and principles presented in this course can be adapted for use in any subject, or with students at any level. Trainees should think about how to apply these ideas and methods to their subject and level while they are studying the course.

Trainee’s Book (English) – 3rd edition, June 2016 (3.6mb)
Trainer’s Book (English) – 3rd edition, June 2016 (4.2mb)
Trainee’s Book (Myanmar) – 3rd edition, June 2016 (2.4mb)
Trainer’s Book (Myanmar) – 3rd edition, June 2016 (2.9mb)

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Additional materials for Teaching Skills book

Teacher Skills Resource Guide (118kb)

Work Skills

Work Skills provides learners with practical skills and prepares them to excel in the workforce. It has three parts: the first provides tools to prepare for a successful job application, the third part gives and introduction to social entrepreneurship and the second part focuses on fundamental work skills such as communication, teamwork, decision-making, and budgeting. It is written at an intermediate level of English.

Student’s Book, June 2016 (15.7mb)
Teacher’s Book, June 2016 (16.7mb)