A general knowledge board game for Burmese learners of English. It contains over 600 questions on a wide range of subjects. The link contains everything needed to play the game, including the board, questions and cut-outs for making dice.
The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners provides support and advocacy for political prisoners in Burma. This website is a good introduction to Burma’s political landscape.
This BBC site has news stories written in intermediate English, tips for grammar and pronunciation, and crosswords and other classroom activities. There is content for both teachers and students on here.

BMWEC promotes and coordinates education amongst the migrants and helps to provide schooling for children who are living through great difficulties. BMWEC delivers services to Migrant Schools such as funding for running costs, provision of stationary and other schooling needs.
Thousands of free lesson plans, handouts, quizzes and podcasts for studying news and current affairs.
The most comprehensive online resource on Burma, providing links to over 100,000 Burma-related documents and websites.
An organisation that partners Burmese exile organisations with international volunteers. Contact:
Drum publishes educational material for people from Burma, in different ethnic languages.
Printable educational games for use in English classes. These games make common classroom games easier to prepare by generating multiple copies for students.
The website of Irrawaddy magazine. Daily updates, analysis and commentary on what’s happening in Burma and around the region.
An organisation dedicated to serving the needs of Karen schools in Karen State. This website contains comprehensive background information on the education situation for Karen people.
The Karen Education Department oversees the education projects supporting education of the Karen population in Burma and in the refugee ­­camps on the Thai-Burma border.

A small site linking to several projects in the Mae Sot area. If you would like your project adding to this list, please contact Curriculum Project or the email address at the site.
SPDC – Burmese military Junta – view of current events in Burma.
This website provides information for Myanmar students aspiring to study at university abroad.
The National Health and Education Committee works to upgrade education and health amongst Burma’s border populations. The NHEC publishes an educational research journal, available from this site.
The One Percent Fund is a small grants scheme set up to assist grass roots individuals and organisations work for the benefit of their communities.
TBBC is a consortium of 12 organisations from ten countries providing food, shelter and non food items to refugees and displaced people from Burma. TBBC also engages in research on the root causes of displacement and refugee outflows.
Curriculum Project is part of Thabyay, which was founded in 1996. It provides higher and adult education services to students from Southeast Asia, with a focus on Myanmar.

This page provides links to educational and teacher training materials developed specifically for work in the Burmese migrant community in Thailand. A wide variety of organizations have contributed and are providing their materials free for download.
Youth Connect is an education and apprenticeship project on the Thailand – Myanmar border enabling stateless and vulnerable youth to successfully transition from school to decent work and lead safe, productive, independent lives.