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Post-election Learning with the Irrawaddy lesson plan published

Posted by cleo | November 15, 2010

Cartoons That Speak a Thousand Words.
This month’s lesson looks at the political cartoons of Harn Lay and their use during the election in Burma by opposition groups. It has vocabulary building and comprehension, analysis and interpretation activities, a discussion, and an activity to encourage students to draw their own political cartoons.

Cartoons That Speak a Thousand Words. Student’s worksheet – (49) November 2010 (0.3mb)
Teacher’s notes (0.2mb)

Learning with The Irrawaddy election lesson plan now available

Posted by cleo | November 6, 2010

The election: a foregone conclusion? This month’s lesson has reading for gist activities, vocabulary building, useful idioms, a grammar focus on correct tenses, and discussions and debates for your students.

A Foregone Conclusion? Students worksheet 48 – October 2010 (0.5mb)
Teachers notes (0.5mb)

Teacher training module released

Posted by cleo | November 5, 2010

This new module provides a general introduction to teaching skills for teachers, or people who plan to be effective teachers. It contains a trainee’s module and a trainer’s handbook. Click on the links to download, or go to our teaching resources page here